Wolf and Grizzly Grill

Founded with the firm belief that outdoor tools should be usable, durable and well-designed, the Wolf and Grizzly Grill strives to meet both expectations. It allows for enjoyable cooking experiences in both backyards and backcountry.


The WG Grill redefines the outdoor cooking experience with only two components to unpack, and an understandable design for quick setup and easy clean-up. Collapsing into a zippered case that is smaller in diameter than a water bottle and weighing about 1kg, it preserves packing space for food and other gear.

It consists of two parts: a frame that spreads open, and a cooking surface that unrolls and secures in place. There’s a swivelling stability rod under the grill surface that locks in position for added weight support, and to ensure that food is always secure, even with minor bumps as more fuel is added to the fire.

The collapsible frame is constructed of 304 stainless steel and endures the heat intensity of campfires and develops a beautiful patina over time. The logo and product information is etched into the leg surface and finished with ceramic bead blasting that creates a finish that is both beautiful and easy to clean. Pivot joints that maintain position with custom 304 stainless steel screws and tension springs allow a user to easily adjust the height in a controlled manner to fit multiple height configurations.

A bamboo sushi mat inspired the cooking surface, and after many design iterations and 3D prototypes, a simple stainless steel rod and cable system was chosen. The elbows and cooking surface adjustment features allow for three cooking heights: 8”, 6” and ‘stay-flat’ mode. Consistent quality in production required the development of new processes for attaching the rod to the aircraft cable, and uses lasers and custom crimp fixtures to create a product that meets stringent test requirements. The grill can support the weight of 40 magazines (~16kg /35lbs), that’s about 320 hot dogs.

In all aspects of the grill design process, the ability to clean was at the forefront of the decisions that were made. Stainless steel’s nonporous and corrosion-resistant qualities keep the WG Grill naturally cleaner than many of its competitors. And impossible-to-reach crevices were avoided to prevent the hidden build-up of bacteria. Included is a drying cloth so one can wipe down the grill at the campsite, before wrapping it around the frame and stowing it away in its case. The cooking surface is also entirely dishwasher safe.

The WG Grill was meticulously designed to ensure it was built to stand the test of time — not only functionally, but also aesthetically. Materials, finish and packaging were carefully selected so that a beautiful patina and story develops over time.