Physical Product Design


Led by Joseph Hofer and supported by a team of selected contributing professionals, we can take on physical product design projects that vary in complexity and scope. Drawing from our backgrounds in high–technology, we bring high–touch industrial design service to your product offer. Our specialty is resolving tough design integration challenges with competing product constraints into useful, usable, beautiful, and lasting product experiences.



Create original, memorable design concepts

Improve form and architecture to increase design quality

Minimize product complexity to improve usability and manufacturability

Explore colour, materials, and finishes to enhance the product and increase appeal

Create design documentation to communicate to investors, production partners, and market

For Stages

Seed and Development


“A fantastic and humble design partner with a comprehensive design process who would go above and beyond to ensure the best product is created.”

—Ammar Jafar, LabsCubed

Our approach

  1. Align—establish common ground for a successful partnership

  2. Immerse—accept differing points of view to gain deeper insight

  3. Define—integrate competing inputs into effective design solutions

  4. Resolve—fix inefficiencies, build, test early, listen carefully, repeat

  5. Inform—communicate plans and products clearly and honestly

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Where we can help

We can lead the product design process for you from start to finish following our proven design process.

As well, we can focus on specific areas where you might need extra support:

  • Reviewing market and user insights to form product directions

  • Concept ideation, testing and down-selection

  • Evolving the product family design language appropriately

  • Reviewing and addressing understandability and ergonomics

  • Advanced surfacing to improve highlights that help create stunning images

  • 3D CAD development to address molding and tooling issues

  • Prototyping prep and coordination to reduce rework and handle issues

  • Colour, materials, and finishes study and suggest parting line updates to improve overall product design quality

  • Translate technical and manufacturing feedback into design refinements that maintain design vision

  • Improving packaging experience, efficiency, and environmental sustainability