Computer–Generated Product Imagery


Communicating a product design clearly and honestly through marketing material can be done efficiently through computer–generated product imagery. Often created before the final production parts are in hand, images can be used for investment pitches as well as final graphic images for packaging, print, and online product marketing.



Define image usage and budget

Detail 3D CAD model for heightened realism

Reference actual colour, materials, and finish samples for honesty

Refine art direction, views, and angles to enhance design and product

For Stages

Seed and Development


“The drafts we shared have gotten very good responses from our CEO to PR to our creative team. Everyone is eager to start using them.”

—Cognitive Systems (Lifestyle Marketing Photography)

Our approach

We’ve drawn experience from our photography work to increase the realism and visual impact of the computer–generated images we create for our clients.

The quality level can vary based on image usage, and we’ll help determine the use of budget for investor pitch decks to convey design vision versus final marketing images that require accuracy of form, texture, and colour. Number of parts, finishes, and images all contribute to pricing, as does number of images.

The CG Product Imagery Pack includes 6 sides (ortho) views along with various marketing angles and design detail views. However, we can reduce or add to the project based on your needs.




Wolf and Grizzly


Cognitive Systems