Design lasting value.

As a design strategy partner, Joseph Hofer studies user behaviour, technical advancement, and the business context to inform a clear design strategy and sustainable development plan—creating customer value that lasts.


Design Strategy Partner

Joseph Hofer is a Canadian industrial designer and design strategy partner, who has designed some of the most–loved and iconic BlackBerry smartphones, including the Bold. Forming Hofer Studio in 2015, he now partners with founders to solve business and design challenges to create physical product experiences that last.

Photography (top) — Felix Kunze

Documentary — Ryan Freeman



Design Services

All projects are directed by Joseph Hofer, and as needed, the studio draws from a trusted network of contributing professionals that cover fields in design and creative (brand, user experience, user interface, copywriting, photography, and film production), product development (3D printing and prototyping, mechanical/electrical design, material science, design for manufacture, and Internet of Things software architecture), as well as production support (local and overseas trusted manufacturing partners).

New Release: Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe

Now available on Kickstarter, shipping Fall 2019

Design Team: Max Ashford, Joseph Hofer, George Rizkalla, Chris Parker

Design Team: Max Ashford, Joseph Hofer, George Rizkalla, Chris Parker


Vantyghem Diamonds


Vantyghem Diamonds


“Our name in the industry has grown in awareness and acceptance due to the design strategy—we have added value to our product and thus increased the current and future success of our name and brand.”

—Kevin Vantyghem, Vantyghem Diamonds



“A fantastic and humble design partner with a comprehensive design process who would go above and beyond to ensure the best product is created.”

—Ammar Jafar, LabsCubed




Awards we've received

Good Design Award

Screw Cancer™ E1 Multi 8 Screwdriver - Tools

Red Dot Award

BlackBerry Passport Qwerty Smartphone – Best Of The Best
BlackBerry Q10 Qwerty Smartphone
BlackBerry Z10 Touch Smartphone

iF Award

BlackBerry Z10 Touch Smartphone

European Product Design Award

Wolf and Grizzly Grill
Screw Cancer™ E1 Multi 8 Screwdriver
Vantyghem Diamonds Authentication Plate System

Wolf and Grizzly

Client testimony

“The entrepreneur is a risk taker-–one who, looking into the horizon, envisions something beautiful and new, but that vision is far from clear. The path to his objective is obscured by a thick cloud of fog, and navigating to it requires a guide who can both understand the vision of the entrepreneur and take the journey with him, as if the vision was his own.

—George Rizkalla, Wolf and Grizzly

Wolf and Grizzly